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Including: Myers–Briggs Type Indicator®, Strong Interest Inventory®, Work Personality Index, FIRO-B®, CPI 260™, Thomas–Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, and many more quality assessments.


Quickly and easily administer tests of verbal or numerical reasoning. Suitable for recruitment for a variety of occupations from sales and clerical to junior management and graduate selection.

The General Select is intended for candidates who are applying for technical, clerical, and administrative positions.

General Select Verbal

34 questions, 15 minutes to complete

General Select Numerical

34 questions, 20 minutes to complete

The Professional Select is appropriate for candidates applying for positions where the work requires a high level of reasoning ability, or where these qualities will become more important as staff are promoted, eg. graduate recruitment, managerial, or leadership roles.

Professional Select Verbal

29 questions, 15 minutes to complete

Professional Select Numerical

29 questions, 20 minutes to complete

sample report

Report 1 page

The report provides the candidate’s total score, percentile score, and stanine.

Sample Questions

Verbal sample questions
Numerical sample questions